Mutts & Hounds Dog Tags

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Looking for something unique this Christmas? These tags are definitely make the cut with their vintage look and personalised message. This is a perfect, forever piece - stylish any time of the year and durable, rust-resistant.


Is your dog a lazy bones with the exception of dinner time? This tag could be perfect for them!

Give your dog something special with our beautiful, hand made dog tags. These precious metal tags have a beautiful antiqued appearance with a slightly hammered finish.

Made from 100% solid pewter, our tags won’t bend, distort or discolour.

As is the nature of hand made items, each tag is slightly unique and irregular which adds to their charm.

You’ll find a small ‘M&H’ stamped on the reverse - our seal of approval.

Each dog tag is supplied with a strong split ring to attach the tag to your dog’s collar and two thick jump rings to secure your dogs tag to the split ring whilst holding the tag in the correct position.

28mm diameter