Mutts & Hounds Stoneham Tweed Donut Bed

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If you're looking for a doughnut bed to give your dog the best comfort and style, this is it. The Stoneham Tweed Donut Bed is perfect for your dog's needs. Available in this gorgeous, classic grey colour, made of soft herringbone tweed fabric, perfect for those wintery nights.


Small: 50cm diameter, suitable for toy breeds, small Terriers, mini Dachshunds, Pugs
Medium: 60cm diameter, suitable for Terriers, Schnauzers, Corgis
Large: 70cm diameter, suitable for Beagles, Spaniels
X Large: 80cm diameter, suitable for small Labradors, large Spaniels

The whole bed is machine washable at 30 degrees on a low spin cycle.
Please read our product care instructions below for further details on how to care for your Mutts & Hounds dog bed.